We Reward our Zeitgeist Delegs

If you are Bullish on Cardano this NFT is for you! Every Delegator who stays with us for at least 6 months you will get this Epic Holo MaraBull!

Value: $260 + $180 Derivative

Why to stake w/ Zeitgeist (Watch Video)👉🏻

If you are interested in increasing the value of your ADA token/Coin you can join our Pool & earn up to 8% rewards/interests without ever losing control of your money.

As Albert Einstein already said: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it.”

Proven Stake Pool since ITN

We have been a Top 20 Pool during the Cardano Testnet with an avg. of 12%

in Rewards. Join us now & enjoy 100% Rewards (for now)

2 Relays in Germany & USA

In order to guarantee you the highest Rewards our Pools consists of 2 Relays & 1 Core Node

100% Secure

You will always be in 100% control of your money if you save it on Daedalus Desktop App

0% Fees - 100% Rewards

While other Pool Operators charge you a high fee up to 10% we keep our fees low for now. We want you to be happy with our service before we think about charging anyone.

Made in Germany

Our servers & software are maintained in Germany. We guarantee a high throughput and block production

English & German

If you have questions, just join one of our Social Media Channels and feel free to ask anything. We speak German & English


Our Goal is to supoort the Cardano Community and help to grow the system. High decentralisation of Cardano & Support will increase the value of each ada token.

How To Join our Zeitgeist Pool

Download Daedalus Wallet for PC or Mac

Transfer ADA to your Daedalus Wallet

Once Arrived go to the Reward sections and select our Pool with the Ticker: ZEIT

Enjoy Rewards/Interests up to 8%

The smaller the pool the higher the Rewards can get. If a pool already has 180 Million ADA delegated to it then it wont be able to pay full rewards

Delegate to our POOL - Ticker: Zeit

Delegate your ADA to our Pool , wait 3 Epochs (5 days each) to receive 1st Reward

Ask Questions Twitter & Facebook

Get in touch with us so we can help you with your Delegation of your ADA - You will never give away the control of your money.


Here you find the most common questions Delegators have about Cardano Staking Pools

What is a pledge?

Pledge is the amount of ADA a stake pool has guaranteed to keep in its account. It’s a way of proving to the delegators that the stake pool is serious and has ‘skin in the game’. It also has a small influence in the rewards a pool will pay. The factor is – however – very small. You need around 5-10m of ADA pledged, before you can start to feel the effects. You should be aware of pools with a low pledge, as it indicates a low dedication. Our Zeitgeist Pool has a pledge of 111.000 ADA each.

Are your servers reliable?

Yes! Zeitgeist Pool is being operated in a very professional manner, and is running on a mix of bare metal and cloud servers. There are multiple backup servers standing by, ready to take over automatically, in case the main servers go down for any reason. The servers have UPS backup power and multiple internet connections, so they keep running even if the power or internet is interrupted. The setup is highly secure, and uses a high number of relay nodes to make sure it’s well connected with the Cardano network.The servers are monitored 24/7, and are highly automated. This means that what ever happens, the Zeitgeist Pools will always be online and making their blocks on schedule. This is how the great performance and consistent high rewards are delivered to the delegators.

Will I loose out on rewards if I re-delegate to Zeitgeist Pool?

NO! You will remain with your current pool for another 2 Epochs and get rewards from them and then seemlessly switch over to the Zeitgeist Pool

What happens after I delegate my ADA to a pool for the 1st time? 

As you can see in the img above (source: CardanoJournal.com) you will have to wait 5 Rpochs before getting your 1st Rewards. This is the same for any Pool you choose. Click image to read more.

Can I follow you on Twitter?
Where else can I follow you? 

Our Simple

Straight-Forward Fee Structure

100% Rewards for our Delegators

No Fees



/ Fees

99.1% Rewards for our Delegators

100% control of your money

Zeitgeist Pool




2 Relays

1 Core Node

100% Secure

Stakers Love Our Pool!

I re-delegated to the Zeitgeist Pool because these guys are really helpful - cant be happier with my rewards so far

Nice Application

Alissa Peterson

I wasnt happy with my current pool and Rob is such a nice guy who helps to grow the Cardano community. Also 0% fee is really enticing 😉

Great Support

Anna Clarck

Got to know Rob during a congress meeting - He told me about Cardano and after doing my research I delegated to his teams pool. Great experience.

Awesome Features

Olindra Gotham

Awesome Pool with 0% Fees - Gotta love Cardano for easy delegation and making money without working for it. The Zeitgeist Pool has delivered so far

Fast & Furious

Michael Anderson

We need more Pools like Zeitgeist. Great Team and easy money 🙂

Gorgeous Design

Tema Osborn

I have never in my life been disappointet by something "Made in Germany" - This is also true for the Zeitgeist Pool

Life Changer

James Cameroon

Stake with Zeistgeistpool

Find us on Daedalus, Yoroi or Yoroi Mobile Wallet under the Ticker: "Zeit"