Spacebudz – The Bored Apes Yacht Club on Cardano?



Spacebudz – The New BAYC project on Cardano?


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It’s no secret that NFTs have grown in popularity over the past six months. Many people think that we are in a bubble; others still think that the bubble has already burst and we are going down. I think differently. I think we’re just getting started. That is the beginning, not the middle and certainly not the end. Many people have complained to me that they think it is too late to get into NFT. They wish they would have gone with punks in 2017 or they wish they would have purchased to Zed Horses in 2019. Worry not fren, this is your chance – Cardano NFT is now where ETH was in 2017.

In 2025 there will be MILLIONS of people who want to participate in NFTs. One last time. Still early. Lately there are a lot of projects coming up. Almost certainly the most successful is the Bored Ape Yacht Club on Ethereum but it is far from the only one. The DegenApes on Solana has made rounds recently. But Cardano NFT might be the next big bet. In the last months alone, we saw the Claymates,  the Cardano Trees, the MaraDoodz in 3D and many more. Project after project and most sold out within hours, if not sooner. Not to mention EntheosAI, TigerSociety, and something that reminds me very much of the Spacebudz named AstroBunz (read thread below ⚠️)

All of these projects deserve their own contributions and I will definitely dwell on some of them, but suffice it to say: the demand is real.

What all of these sales have in common is that in the end there are always people who are unhappy that they didn’t buy into them. They were there with fists full of money pounding on the front door to get in and get hold of a Cardanodoll or piece of “land” in CardanoSpace or CardanoCity, and they were mostly very disappointed when they couldn’t get one. Dont be one of those Degens! 

In the past few months, I’ve participated in more NFT projects & also crashes than I can count. I learned A LOT in the process. I lost a lot of money learning some lessons. I also made a lot of money. When someone offered me 3500 ADA for #berniebazooka spacebudz i had to reject. In the past 14 Days the cheapest Bazooka Bear went for 6.9k ADA floor price.  I also invested a high amount of ADA into some really cool Bernie Derivatives such as the video below. I was also lucky to be picked by Ingo from Spielsinn for including Bernie Bazooka (with a brush) in his introductory artwork for the Cardano Community. He reminds me of Beeple so who knows what will happen with the price of my little Bear NFT 🙂



So – could the Spacebudz become as successful as the BAYC on Ethereum? Yes I think so – I have met and talked to Alessandro – the genius kid behind the project. Not because he invented something new but he was the 1st to build something everyone was craving for. The amount of holders/wallets is with 2361 very high. To compare it with the Bored Apes – they had about 700 Holders after 2 weeks (now 5500).

Ales is also a great asset to the Cardano community and keeps building new things such as the Nami Wallet and many useful dapps for the Community. If he were to airdrop a companion nft to all Spacebudz Holders the floor value would most likely double instantly.

We will see what he is up to but I think he wont forget about his 1st baby in the Cardanoverse. With a floor at 3773 ADA ($8666) vs 40 ETh (130k Dollar) there is still a good way to go but if the Budz ever get listed on the Christie’s auction house or Berry makes use of Smart contracts there is a good chance we will get there. 


10000 Total Tokens. 2361 different wallets with #SpaceBudz #NFTs. TOP wallet with 3% of the tokens. Top 10 wallets with 17% of the tokens. @cardanochess





It is needless to say we are still early and there are some mind-boggling trades happening in the cnft space but be aware not everything looks as it seems. 







Read this Thread to see what I mean 👇🏻




One of the reasons for starting this newsletter is to share some of the tips and strategies I have learned, and to help people avoid the same mistakes I made. Or at least to avoid some of them. That said, there is absolutely no substitute for experience. You’re gonna buy some duds, and that’s okay. Consider it tuition money. I will try to help as much as I can. If you subscribe to this newsletter you can expect the latest news on some of the most promising projects in the Cardanoverse. Here are some really useful tools you can use to start your research 


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A few upcoming Projects I am waiting to happen:



Cornucupas – I really cant wait for this. It looks awesome and reminds me of the very successful blockchain project The Sandbox. If they will allow other CNFT projects to buy land to build up their own little island, those projects will re-invest a lot of ada to be part of it. 




AdABC – Work in progress but already love the graffiti style. You can see the quality that went into the work and there is so many things you can do with Letters. HODL, GOGUEN, FAHADOUKEN – What are you coming up with? They are planning 3 Genesis drops with very limited amounts & rarity. Get in on the ABC early to not miss out.


Equitane – From our friend Fahadouken. If you havent made it into his Fahad100 maybe you are able to snatch one of these horses. Remember the Zedd Horses on ETH? Well here is yto next level horse racing!  


Monster Berries by Spielsinn – Absolute top notch artwork! I havent seen anything similar on Cardano yet. This quality of art is what will draw in more people into the Cardanoverse. Owning one of Spielsinns artwork would make me happy already, if the price increases (hint: I am sure it will) even better


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